Take AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF On Everything At Shop Betches With Our Laborbae Sale!

Stop taking Buzzfeed quizzes and take your ass to Shop Betches because almosteverything* is on sale. Yeah, you’re welcome. Our Laborbae Sale starts Friday September 1 and ends Monday September 4 at 11:59pm EST. This sale comes just in time for your summer body’s going away party and the unofficial beginning of cuffing season, so stock up on the essentials. Enter code LABORBAE17 at checkout to get 20% off your purchase! Yes, even on sale items. 

Here’s a guide to all our shit, so you know where to start your shopping marathon:

This isn’t college anymore, so stop wearing your rush T-shirts and start wearing our printed tanks and tees. They pair great with jeans and a Barbour jacket, so they’ll already be perfect for your entire wardrobe.

If you want to pretend like you’ll use your Equinox membership now that you don’t have to be in a bikini every weekend, our activewear section is for you. Plus, it’s on sale so might as well stock up for that week in January when you get really into the elliptical.

Baby and bachelorette products for that betch in your life who has her shit together. Whether it’s your big or your older sister, she absolutely needs one of everything we have to offer. Seriously, the only way to steal the attention at a bachelorette party or a baby shower (other than blacking out before the in-laws arrive) is arriving with a fucking amazing gift. And we’ve got you covered with the perfect present at a great price. Oh, and you should probs stock up on cards, so that you’re not hauling ass to Duane Reade at 11pm to find a “Get Well Soon Card.” A little preparation goes a long way.

If you need to be convinced to buy a new phone case, then you’re honestly a lost cause. We all know that you’ve been dreaming about the “You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie” phone case for the past week, so use the Laborbae sale as an excuse and TREAT YOSELF. And while you’re there, you probably also need a suede hat and a tote bag to put it in. I mean, they’re basically free right now.

I know you’re lying in bed right now, so take a good look around your bedroom and imagine it filled with hilarious decorative pillows and some really fucking nice candles. Now go add them to your cart. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams. Thank me later.

So what are you waiting for?? It’s the fucking Laborbae sale, and you can finally buy all the shit that’s been sitting in your cart for months. ENTER CODE LABORBAE17 AT CHECKOUT to get 20% off your purchase! 

*discount not applicable on swimwear and denim jackets

Read more: http://www.betches.com/shop-betches-laborbae-sale

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