Kylie & Kendall Jenner Accused Of Cultural Appropriation AGAIN With This Controversial New Addition To Their Line!

It never ends!!

While they’ve since deleted the pic from their brand’s Instagram, you can see the offending look (below):

It’s not the shirt itself, but with only the top buttons buttoned, the reality TV starlets (intentionally or not) were using Latinx culture to sell their clothing!

Ashley Sherengo, the Twitter user behind @lipstickittty who called out the sisters, explained to Refinery 29:

“I first saw the image on the explore page and I immediately noticed something was wrong when I saw that it was posted on the @kendalandkylie page. What bothers me is that they don’t ever come up with their own original ideas. They are always taking ideas from others and never give credit. Aside from being unoriginal, it’s definitely irritating to see these girls making money off a culture they know absolutely nothing about. When we — Latinas and Xicanas — dress in flannels and big pants, we get profiled and frowned upon. But when they do it, it’s ‘fashion.'”

It didn’t take long for others to get in on the chola cultural appropriation debate, including famed tattoo artist and beauty maven Kat Von D:

And mind you, Kendall and Kylie are still selling the top — for $145!

Do U think the girls are appropriating culture?

Read more: http://perezhilton.com/cocoperez/2017-08-29-kylie-jenner-kendall-jenner-accused-cultural-appropriation-new-plaid-shirt

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