Kim Kardashian Thinks North West Would Make A Better President Than Trump And Channels Cher For Harpers Bazaar Arabia!

While the spread maintains those same vibes, her interview is obviously less about Cher and more about her life and kids!

There’s also some talk about politics, as the momma of two explained why she has to be so careful about her words:

“Sometimes I feel like I want to speak out more about political issues. You have to be really careful about what you say, because a lot of things can be taken in the wrong context and I always want to be respectful, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Though she has no problem saying who should be in the White House right now:

“Not the President now. Anyone can run the US better. My daughter would be better. We’ve worked so hard to get to where we were and to have so many things that we were so proud of in our country, to just literally revert backwards is the most frustrating thing. Every single day when you can’t really believe what’s going on, the next day it’s something else even more crazy and tragic. It’s really scary, the world that we’re living in now. And when you did feel safe at home, now with Trump in presidency you just don’t feel safe any more.”

Which might be why Kim also admitted she does not follow Donald Trump on Twitter, but still follows Barack Obama!

Speaking of social issues, the businesswoman also revealed how she feels about being a feminist, you know, almost a year after she said she didn’t want that label:

“I said once before that I’m not really a feminist. But I feel I do a lot more than people that claim that they’re feminist. To clarify what I said before: I feel in my soul I’m a feminist. I just don’t need labels to make me feel or know what I am inside.”

What’s wrong with being proud of being a feminist??

While she didn’t explain that, she did admit it’s Saint West and North West who inspire her to work harder:

“When you have kids it keeps you motivated. I want to have something on my own. I feel good when I get up and go to work and am busy all day. That makes me happy. If I just, like, retire I would definitely be more of a stay at home mom, but I want my kids to have a really strong work ethic and see how motivated mom and dad really are.”

On a similar note, she also feels just because she’s a hard working momma, doesn’t mean she can’t be sexy too:

“More power to the moms that look really good, work really hard, do what they can so that they still feel sexy, still feel good about themselves. I don’t think for a second that because you become a mom you can’t be sexy any more.”

Maybe that’s why she loves her racy shoots so much??

“At the end of the day I still have to be me. If doing sexy shoots makes me feel confident, then I’m okay with it. That might not be appropriate for some people, and there’s a time and a place. There’s certain things I’ll show my kids and certain things I won’t show my kids. But generally I am okay with it. In moderation.”

Yes, we figured that out.

Read on for even more HIGHlights from her September interview…

On vulnerability: “Life scares me. Just thinking of all the things that can go wrong. When you’re a mom you turn into this maniac that just thinks anything and everything can go wrong.”

On being nervous for when her kids go on social media: “I’m going to be so worried for the time my kids want to get on social media. It doesn’t seem like the safest place. I have a pretty thick skin. But I feel bad for anyone that gets hate on social media. There’s so much cyber-bullying and negativity in comments to everyone. I think it’s so wrong. No matter what you do, you’re so judged and criticized on social media. I hope it changes. I hope people stop being so negative. We can only go further if everyone uplifts each other and supports one another.”

On people claiming she’s not famous for anything: “I don’t care any more. I used to, and I used to try to do everything to prove people wrong. I feel confident in who I am. I work hard, I try to mind my own business and not focus on what other people are saying about me.”

On Cher: “She’s always had the sickest style, I’m obsessed with her. To think that she was wearing these sheer dresses in the ’70s and just what people must have thought back then.”

You can read her interview in full HERE!

P.S. Don’t forget to ch-ch-check out her editorial in the gallery (above)!

[Image via Mariano Vivanco/Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.]

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