Nobody was going to football games, so this college added a hot tub section

What to do when your football team is so crappy nobody comes to your home games? If your college is in New Jersey, you add a hot tub to the student section. 

To be fair, it looks pretty nice in there. And there’s a lifeguard in case you OD on Vodka Red Bulls and start to drown. 

It’s all part of a Jersey Shore-themed party meant to get fans pumped about a long weekend of taking shots at the beach. 

But first, they have to watch their beloved Scarlet Knights get killed by the Washington Huskies on Friday night.  

Rutgers, which went 2-10 last season, has seen a decline in attendance over the last few seasons, according to the Los Angeles Times. Hence the hot tub stunt. 

Let’s just hope to sweet Jesus there’s chlorine in there. 

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/09/01/hot-tub-rutgers-college-football/

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