Trump’s new poll makes you want to A) laugh B) cry C) both

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The Republican National Committee is at it again with the absurd Trump polls.

According to a recent email, Trump asked members of the GOP to reach out to some of their “top supporters” for a riveting one-question poll that will provide good old Donny Boy with some helpful feedback on his time in the White House.

But really, it looks like Trump just wants to know HOW amazing you think he’s been doing. Great? A smidge less than great? Or a smidge less than a smidge less than great?

Either way, he’s been great. Right?

The email asks recipients to take amoment to choose one of four answers toThe President’s job performance has been … “

The options are as follows:


  • GOOD

  • OKAY



Such diverse choices, President Trump! Thank you! How ever will we choose?

If you click to take the poll you will be directed to the following screen, where you’re given the option to submit your vote and explain why you selected your response:

I suppose the “OTHER” option is simply there as a courtesy, you know, in case someone wants to write in “TREMENDOUS” or “THE BEST.” 🙄

Or, I guess some people could find other comments to include:

Sadly, this is not the first time Team Trump has done something like this. Remember that time they asked if supporters stood with Trump, then offered the following unbiased options to choose from?

The real question here is:

Do you think Trump’s polls are… 

A) Dumb 

B) Pointless

C) Laughable

D) All of the above

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/08/25/team-trump-performance-poll/

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