Taylor Swift’s “LWYMMD” Looks Served Up Classic Britney Spears Vibes

After being accused of borrowing heavily from Beyoncé, Taylor Swift’s looks in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video went in an astonishing direction that absolutely no one expected: . Pure, unbridled, 2003-heyday Britney Spears. Altogether, the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” is rife with pop culture references, such as the line ’em up dancing of Beyoncé’s “Formation” and the bird cage performance prison of both Miley Cyrus Lindsay Lohan. But nothing is so prominently woven into the narrative as B. Spears.

From the way the video cuts from one scenario the another, to the quick-change artist fashion and synthetic beats, T.Swift leaves no Brit Brit music video trope unturned—particularly with her fashion. At the 40 second mark, an Old Hollywood, red lipstick-bearing Taylor is bathing in and biting on diamonds, which echoes not only the retro glam makeup  Britney sports in Lucky, but the poor, lonely little rich girl ethos. The black leather-clad Taylor wrangling the podium at one minute 50 seconds? Straight up Toxic, complete with tough-girl catsuit and red accents. And if you look closely at the parade of Taylor personalities at three minutes 54 seconds, you’ll spot Tay in a scarlet ringleader’s costume, as if plucked directly out of Circus.

Head over to Twitter to see reactions from fans who tuned into Taylor and saw the 0riginal Pop Princess.







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