3 Lessons I Learned From Saying “I Love You” First To A Guy Who Didn’t Say It Back

I once mustered up the courage to say I love you to a guy, and his response was a total buzzkill. Heresponded with silence, followed by a long chug from his beer, and threw in a nice, loud burp as a conclusion.

He didn’t even semi-romantically burp I love you, tooin the semi-talented fashion that some people burp out the ABCs. He didn’t say anything back when I told him that I was extra smitten with him, which wasn’t something I said on the reg. I reserved those three words for only a few, select people who made my heart feel like bubble wrap when they’d hug me hello.

The next morning, the beer-burper said: Do you remember what you said to me last night?

And I didn’t. Well, I did, but I didn’t want to.

Yeah, I responded.

Well, he began, slowly. I think, umm, maybe, I feel the same?

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