They cursed him because of his teeth. But they never expected THIS superstar to show up.

Crooked teeth and a lanky walk caused major bullying to take place with Billy.

It got so bad that 2 years ago he transferred to an entirely new school. This kid doesnt give up with moving forward though, despite the bullying. And he has some big dreams for himself in the future. Hes receiving some major encouragement for those dreams, compliments of a superstar. Check this out:

Its a wonderful story, but it turns out there is more to it. A dentist saw this video and made the following comments:

“After watching this video, I reached out to the producers of the show and my company and I will be working on this little guys teeth. Yes, as a Houstonian and fan of JJ, this clip was viewed by me mainly because of JJ But I work in the dental field and quickly noticed that Billy needed orthodontic treatment, and my attention and heart were quickly won over by Billy. Billy is coming in Thursday for his first consultation.”

Heres an updated comment from the dentist:

“He has been having braces for almost two months now. He is very charismatic and feeling more confident. He even mentioned to us that he had two girlfriends (LOL). Things have changed for this little guy, all for the best.”

What a great story. It shows that pushing forward and holding on to your dreams no matter what can have rewards that you may not immediately see. It also shows how important encouragement is, and how those who have risen to the level of stardom can make a tremendous difference in a struggling persons life if they take the time like this NFL superstar did. Share this one far and wide with all your friends and family!

Read more: http://damn.com/big-teeth-superstar/

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