Kim K Reveals The Job She’d Want If She Had To Change Careers & We’re Shocked

Kim K, our revolutionary reality showsuperstar,is constantly making headlines, but this time it’s for something completely unexpected. So who would Kim K be without her famous selfies, quotable phrases, and successful television shows? Apparently, she would go full on us. In August, the celeb stated on her fan page Forensic Investigation would be her career path if she had to make the switch. Whoa, theworld would be a totally different place if Kim Kardashian’s job involved forensic investigation. Can you even imagine? Kim K would be the most stylish and suave investigator on the planet. They’d probably make a reality show about it called . I’d definitely watch it.

Kim K has always been in the bright spotlight since forever, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t daydream about a normal life. Kim K dishes about her interest in PR and her fascination with forensic investigation,

Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing if I had a different career path. Everyone who knows me really well says that I would be a good publicist. I think the PR world is really interesting and over the years I’ve definitely learned a lot about it. But something that I find so fascinating is forensic investigation.

Kim Kardashian also reveals her curiosity about murder mysteries and late night investigation shows. She says,

I’ve always been interested in investigating situations and I love getting down to the bottom of what actually happened in any given situation. I’ve always been really into true crime shows like and . It’s interesting to see how the cases develop over time and the fact that many are still left unsolved. There are also some really great true crime documentaries on Netflix right now. is one I got really into and is one I’m looking forward to watching.

Who knew this Kardashian Kween had it in her? Private Investigator Kim K, at your service. Solving one (fashion) crime at a time.

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