Woman Sues Expensive Dating Service For Setting Her Up With Some TERRIBLE Dates!

Suing over a bad date seems pretty frivolous to us. (Unless we’re talking

In a statement, Kelleher CEO Amber Kelleher-Andrews (above, right), said:

“It doesn’t always work out. But what is good about each scenario is that you still have a lot of reflection, and you have an opportunity to look at yourself and your potential partner and really discover what’s realistic in terms of expectation.”

Should someone expect to not get stalked? Or how about to not be set up with criminals?

Apparently Kelleher didn’t want to find out what a jury would think of all this. Within hours of the suit being filed, they settled with Daggett out of court.

What’s YOUR worst experience with a dating service or website??

[Image via Noemi Torres/Nikki Nelson/WENN/Kelleher International.]

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