Charlie Sheen Thinks The Moon Is Hollow, According To Rob Lowe

ActorRob Lowe investigates mysteries and legends over land and sea in his upcoming A&E series, The Lowe Files, lending credence to myths as outlandish as Bigfoot.

But he apparently wont go as far asCharlie Sheen.

Lowe and his sons, who also appear in the upcoming show, spoke about it in front of a crowd of journalists as part of the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Californias Beverly Hills on Friday. At one point, Variety noted, the actors sons recalled feeling skeptical after learning their father and a famous friend think the moon is hollow.

Lowe then intervened to reveal his that this famous friend is Charlie Sheen, adding that of the two of them, only Sheen believes the moon is hollow.

HuffPost has reached out to Sheens rep for the actors take on the cosmos.

Of course, the hollow moon theory is not backed up by any evidence in the scientific community, but some conspiracy theorists are seemingly encouraged by observations that the moon rings like a bell. A hollow moon is also featured in science-fiction author H.G. Wells 1901 novelThe First Men on the Moon.

If Lowe is looking for ideas for Season 2, though,he might want to have a chat with his old friend.

The Lowe Files premieres on A&E Aug. 2.Catch the trailer below.

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