Terry Crews will make a ‘Crackdown 3’ believer out of you

Comic-Con Crackdown 3 reveal

The excitement over Sumo Digital’s upcoming Crackdown 3 has been lukewarm at best. But the one human being on the planet who could fix that is the man, thy myth, the legend: Terry Crews.

At a recent Comic-Con panel for the game (above), the designers released a video introducing his playable character. Named after Crews’ own son (who got him back into gaming in the first place), Commander Isaiah Jackson of the Agents of Justice is the man your girl told you not to worry about.

Decked out in his “level 6” suit, the designers wanted to give the Commander special abilities that set him apart from the other level 1-5 agents. Using Crews himself for inspiration, they built the special gear to fit his larger-than-life personality and IRL power-ups (i.e. being the single most beautiful human being on planet Earth, both inside and out).

Art director Dave Johnson explained that their top two concerns while designing the suit amounted to: 1) Embedding Isaiah with the tech a modern commander would need to dominate the field, and 2) Ensuring the suit captured every (ample) dimension of Crews’ swoleness.

The first specification proved easy enough, with a holographic lens that gives him access to information about the team, enemies, and the environment.

The other, however, proved hysterically difficult. They had a tough time finding any mo-cap suit capable of fitting Crews properly, seeing as he’d “wreck” it every time he even accidentally flexed what his mama gave him.

Crews is the “Daddy Duck” we deserve


Catch the full video reveal, starting at 12:25, which provided a generous pan over Crews’ in-game design. Further clips of Crews acting in the full mo-cap getup can be found at 10:43 and, despite the goofy white markings, would inspire an “oorah” in just about anyone with a pulse.

Throughout the panel, Crews’ exuberance about his first foray into games proved infectious. “If I could even try to fantasize about a game I would make for myself, it’s this,” he said.

When the panel opened up to Q&As, just about every single person focused on questions for Crews rather than any details about the game itself.

Terry Crews “lighting shit up” at Comic Con

Image: crackdown 3, sumo digital

A few more details about Crackdown 3‘s story and enemy system were revealed, but nothing could surpass Crews’ irresistible enthusiasm for his role in the game.

“I never wanted to be part of a game I couldnt improve,” he said, growing sincere. “It was more important for me to serve the purposes of the creators than for it to be the Terry Crews Show. I am a fan first. [] It’s more important to me that the vision be fulfilled. Thats why this was a perfect match made in heaven. Kinda like Old Spice! It was made for me.”

Terry, we couldn’t more agree. We just hope this game proves to be as perfectly made for you as you were for it.

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