25 funny Facebook status updates that will crack you up

You’re scrolling through Facebook and quickly getting bored and frustrated by all of the routine life announcements, pictures of vacations you’ll never take, and weird political views of distant relatives and mostly forgotten high school friends. Just as you’re thinking about deactivating your Facebook account, unfriending someone, or just permanently deleting the app altogether, you stumble across a funny Facebook status, the kind that makes you remember why you got hooked on the social network to begin with. Your day got just a little bit better.

We’ve all been there. As much as Facebook can seem like a haystack of bad ideas, there are some needles of comic relief waiting to be found. Here are some funny Facebook status updates thatwill leave you searching for the Like button.

25 funny Facebook status updates


Screengrab via Imgur

This student should get an extended deadline for theirbrutal honesty, and the teacher who posted the status should maybe shave his mustache.


Screengrab via Facebook

Almost everyone who has a Twitter account and some sort of filter can relate to this status. Should I post this tweet? What if I offend someone? What if I get fired? What if I am not as funny as I think I am and get called out for it? The process before tweeting is a downward spiral of contemplation.


Screengrab via r/facebookwins/Reddit

This student is either trolling everyone or trying to improve his creative storytelling skills.


Screengrab via Deviant Art

Reddit user CoolComicGuydraws comics stemming from his friend’s Facebook statuses, and they are as twisted as they are hilarious.


Screengrab via Facebook

The Reddit user who posted his old friend’s status reminds us all that sometimes it’s worthwhile to remain Facebook friends with old classmates.



Screengrab via Imgur

This class clown‘s sarcasm is about as on-point as Ne-Yo’s ability to land a high note.


Screengrab via Imgur

We get it; you’re gluten-free, but you don’t have to tell everyone about your choice to eat bread within the first five minutes of meeting someone.



Screengrab via Imgur

Sometimes the olds don’t catch on to internet slang, andin this case, the innocent misunderstanding made for a funny story.


Screengrab via offensive_image/Twitter

Facebook statuses aren’t usually considered breaking news, but this onemade the news back in 2007, even though the amusement park disputed the story.


Screengrab via Cool Material

These particularstatuses were never actually posted IRL. However, if historical events (or catastrophes in this case) had the chance to post one thing on social media before landing in the textbooks, it would probably look something like this.


Photo via /r/insanepeopleoffacebook/Reddit

Not sure if the undead “celebrates” would agree with this far-fetched conspiracy status. Really makes you think.


Screengrab via Facebook

It sounds like this baby is way too busy exploring to eat something as boring as eggs and toast.


Screengrab via Kimepoosworld/Twitter

Finally, a man has figured out one of the worstannoyances in the world the hard way.


Screengrab via joshuastarlight/Twitter

This premeditated plot had to come from the mind of an evil genius.


Screengrab via Buzzfeed

No comment. Even thoughthis is a really hopeful concept.



Screengrab via luckyslots/Twitter

This status is a power move, for sure. Ifonly they revealedwhat happened next.


Screengrab via tyrantasorus/Twitter

We can all relate to this. If you’d take the time to recommend a good movie how hard can it be to casually suggest a new bae?


Screengrab via projectjennifer/Twitter

It depends. Was thisafter she reclaimed the thronepost-breakup with Meek Mill?


Screengrab via sealyjack/Twitter

This seems like something you should know before a relationship even starts? But there’s no arguing with that reaction. “SPEW” indeed.


Screengrab via bwiddymags/Twitter

Ah, parents and Facebook status updates. Sometimes they just don’t understand when not to post.


Screengrab via Buzzfeed

When internet slang goes so far as to readlike a foreign language, there’s no going back. Come again?


Screengrab via tyrantasorus/Twitter

Lunch must have been a real bummer if they mistook it for trash.


Screengrab via De4thByTw1zzler/Reddit

Do you ever encounter those comments that make you wantto recommenda great therapist? Or at least a wikipedia page? Or a basic anatomy book?


Photo via penguin_sith/Reddit

If you don’t know that the people in armored suits are actually called Storm Troopers, then you’ll definitely have a lot to learn atComic Con.


Photo via Imgur

There’s nothing like a punny Pokemon joke.

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