‘Splatoon 2’ contains an unexpected homage to Kanye West

Image: nintendo

Kanye West’s pricey branded sneakers might be unobtainable IRL, but… well… they’re actually pretty unobtainable in Splatoon 2 as well.

But hey! They’re in there! Sort of.

You can play dress-up with your Squid Kid in Nintendo’s paint-splattered online game, and store inventories rotate every day. Sharp-eyed sneakerheads spotted something familiar on Tuesday in the game’s shoe store.

The name isn’t right not exactly but, for anyone familiar with Mr. West’s fashion aspirations, the shoe itself is unmistakable. With the exception of missing laces, these kicks are a spitting image of the Yeezy Boost 750.

See for yourself:

Image: adidas

Image: adidas

Unsurprisingly, the “Black Norimaki 750s” with a dizzying cost of 9,800 Coins is one of the most expensive items in the game (there was a white pair too, apparently). It’s also gone for now as the daily inventory swap has already occurred.

It’s not clear if this was an intentional nod on Nintendo’s part. Yeezy (the man) is a self-professed fan of video games, particularly the classics. Anyone who was there and witnessed it will never forget the time he showed up at E3 a few years ago; sure enough, Nintendo’s booth was one of his stops.

Whether or not it was a knowing homage to Kanye’s coveted kicks, @Estemar720 was far from the only Splatoon 2 player to spot the resemblance.

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