What is Reddit Goldand why do people keep giving it away?

Reddit is a mysterious world full of adorable puppy photos and oddly intense conversation, an encapsulation of the internet if there ever was one. Picking up the nuances of the site is easy if you spend enough time on it, but theres one question that follows new users: What is Reddit gold?

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Youll see it mentioned almost instantly if you visit a popular thread. A user makes a comment people like, it gets a lot of upvotes, and then suddenly theyve edited their original comment to say oh nice, my first gold or thanks for the gold. Is gold simply a gift? Do you get real gold for doing well on Reddit? To quote Jerry Seinfeld, What’s the deal with gold?

What is Reddit Gold?

At its root, Reddit Gold is a premium membership to Reddit. Gold costs $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year, and it can be given to other Reddit members as a reward for good posting or just because you like them. You could probably give it to an enemy as well if you were looking to confuse them.

The giving of gold is a long-running tradition in the Reddit community as a way of saying “good job” when someone provides a particularly insightful comment or funny post. Reddit Gold is a great equalizer, given in threads regardless of whether the subject matter is horrific, touching, or hysterical. The only thing that matters when being given Gold is the quality of your posting.

Beyond supporting the site, Reddit Gold unlocks a host of new features for users, although some of these same features can be activated for free by using the unofficial Reddit Enhancement Suit. Of course, then you wouldnt be supporting Reddit.


There are several the changes being a Reddit Gold user makes to the site experience. Some are minor, some are major, but all of them are worth throwing a few dollars at the site, which allows you to argue about the existence of God, dive into a conspiracy theories, check out NSFW Reddit, or go down any other rabbit hole you can imagine.

Reddit Gold features

1. Turn off ads

This one is self-explanatory, but it’s a nice break for users on a site where ad blockers dont cover everything.

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2. Add Reddit themes

Reddit themes dont bring any significant changes to Reddits user interface, but theyre a pleasant aesthetic change of pace from the normal grays of the site. You can see the Mindashq theme below.

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3. Create a custom Snoo

Reddits mascot Snoo wears many hats. Depending on which subreddit youre visiting, youll see many variations of Snoo all over the site, but that doesnt mean you cant make your own. Gold members get the ability to create and share their own Snoo. Name him whatever you want. Well always know its Snoo.

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4. New comment highlighting

Heres one killer feature for Reddit power users. Dont you hate when you return to a long thread, only to have to scroll past hundreds, maybe thousands, of comments to find the new stuff? This feature will highlight new comments that have been made since you last few visited.

5. Remember what links youve visited across computers

Do you use Reddit at home and work? Get Reddit Gold and Reddit will remember what links youve looked at across the computers you use the site on. This feature regrettably does not include links viewed on the mobile app at the moment.

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6. Create members-only subreddits

Gold membership entitles you to create aspecial subreddit, hidden from the prying eyes of everyone but other Gold members.

7. More comments per page

Normally Reddit only loads 500 comments before you need to load more. Gold members get three times that much, with 1,500 comments loaded whenever you open thread.

8. View saved comments by subreddit

Heres an area where Gold membership shines. Reddit allows you to save your favorite comments, but its standard site doesnt allow you to sort those favorites. Gold members can view their saved comments by the individual subreddit they originate from, helping you organize favorite arguments from r/politics or whatever struck your fancy in r/gonewild.

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9. Keep tabs on your friends

Gold members can add little notes to their friends on the site, allowing you to remember their jobs, secrets, or personality quirks. These records are private and not shown to your friends, so go ahead and make your own Reddit burn book if you want.


10. Beta testing

Reddit Gold members get to beta test new features before anyone else does. If youve always wanted to be on the cutting edge of the Reddit user experience, Gold is the way to go.

Remember, its entirely possible to have a wonderful time on Reddit without giving, buying, or receiving Gold. Its just a little better of a user experience. The main benefit is knowing youre helping keep the lights on at the site that brings you so much joy. Isnt that worth $3.99 a month?We’ll leave that up to you.

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.

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