The Rock stars in 4-minute action film with an unlikely co-star

If you thought the Rock couldn’tpossibly fit any more jobs onto his plate, think again. He’s an Apple spokesman now.

In a new 4-minute ad spot for the iPhone’s Siri feature, he gets behind the wheel ofa Lyft, which he uses to commandeer a commercial flight to Rome, where he ends up working on the Sistine Chapel for a little bit before launching a fashion line in Japanyou get the picture. Anything an action hero (or a businessman) like you can do, Siri can help.

Whether you’re trimming your bonsai tree while toning your biceps and getting your head shaved… or wailing on a guzheng on YouTube, Siri is here to help:

On a real level, though,where’s that“I can smell what the Rock is cookin” restaurant?

Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/upstream/rock-siri-apple-commercial/

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