Usher Paid A Woman $1.1 Million For Giving Her Herpes And The Story Is So Gross

Remember when the early 00s seemed like a really good time to be alive? Christina Aguilera was making the ratchet hoe look popular and giving my 13-year-old self a reason to buy denim blue hair extensions from Claires. R&B was on the rise so your middle school dances were lit AF. Ah, what a time to be alive. But no more because it just came out that R. Kelly has a sex cult and now Usher is allegedly giving people herpes. Allegedly. re you there, God? Its me, Britney Betch, why cant I have nice things? In court papers published on Wednesday, back in 2012 Usher reportedly paid a woman 1.1 million dollars in a settlement after giving her herpes. HERPES. So, aside from finding out that his chick on the side had one on the way, his confessions should also include spreading genital herpes. Brb just going to rethink my entire throwback playlist now. Its assumed that around 2009 or 2010, the same time he filed for divorce from his ex-wife, Usher contracted herpes as one does. Damn. That must have been one lit divorce finalization party. Usher went on to date some celeb stylist who would like to remain anonymous, obviously. Sometime during their time together he consciously and purposefully had unprotected sex with her and withheld his herpes diagnosis.

This poor, unfortunate woman even asked him about the greenish discharge coming from HIS PENIS and because Usher is a lying piece of shit he told her that it was fine. The only reason she even found out she had herpes was because she suffered from fever, chills, and vaginal sores. VAGINAL. SORES.

My immediate reaction to this information is:

And also:

I have so many questions here, like how bad must the herpes flare-up have been for her to notice a greenish discharge coming out of his penis mid-sex? And why wasnt that an immediate red flag for her to move her vagina to a different planet from his penis? Id also really like to know what Ushers excuse was for green goo to be coming out of his dick that she was like k sounds good. I mean, I know Usher is smooth, but I didn’t realize he was can-adequately-account-for-green-penis-goo smooth. This is the man who gave us Justin Beiber, people. 

In typical fuckboy fashion, Usher claims to be innocent of having and spreading a sexual disease though he did pay for all of her medical bills and casually settled this dispute in court for 1.1 million dollars. Yeah, sounds suspect AF.

Also, we need to talk about that amount of money for a minute. Is 1.1 million dollars enough money to make up for someone giving you an incurable disease that will make people run screaming from your vagina for the rest of your life? IS IT?? Ill be bringing this v important “would you rather” question up at my next pregame, but in the meantime lets all revel in Usher circa 2004 before he endangered a womans sexual health:

Yes, LET IT BURN, Usher. Just like your sex life.

Read more: http://www.betches.com/usher-pays-herpes-settlement

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