O.J. Simpson Inexplicably Claims He’s Led A ‘Conflict-Free Life’

As O.J. Simpson spoke before a parole board on Thursday, he made a claim that raised a whole lot of eyebrows.

The former football star, who was granted paroleafter almost nine years in a Nevada prison for his role in a 2007 armed robbery, said he led aconflict-free life.

According to The Daily Beast,Simpson was responding to a questionabout whether he may exhibit violent tendencies if he were to be released from prison.

He responded, Ive always thought Id been pretty good with people and I basically have spent a conflict-free life, you know? Im not a guy that ever got in a fight on the street and with the public and everybody.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
O.J. Simpson stands during his parole hearing.

Not many people would likely characterize Simpsons life as conflict-free. Whatever your opinion on his guilt or innocence in the 1994 double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, Simpson has been involved in plenty of other incidents that surely qualify as conflicts.

For one thing, prior to his murder trial, Simpson famously led authorities on a wild chase in a white Bronco, resulting in police blocking traffic from accessing the freeway.

There were also the multiple times that Nicole Brown Simpson desperately called for help, reporting that Simpson was violently abusive. Police records from 1989 state that on one occasion, Simpson beat his wife so badly she needed to be hospitalized.

And lest we forget, theres the entire reason Simpson was in a position to be seeking parole in the first place his conviction for charges including armed robbery and kidnapping in connection with a botched sports memorabilia heist at a Las Vegas hotel in 2007.

Needless to say, Twitter users took notice of Simpsons bizarre, conflict-free claim.

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