Did The National Hurricane Center Just Troll Trump?

Just the usual meteorological lingo or an epic subtweet?

A National Hurricane Center notice about Tropical Storm Dondrew plenty of attention online because to some it sounded like the agency was throwing shade at President Donald Trump.

The bulletin issued on Monday called the storm small and well-defined, and added that Don was not particularly well organized. This led to a quick response, especially once the description was tweeted by AP Politics:

Storm names are on a six-year rotation, and the name Don was added to the list in 2006, AP reported.

Max Mayfield, the former National Hurricane Center director who chaired the committee that chose the name, told the news agency that the appearance of Tropical Storm Don had nothing to do with the president.

I hadnt even thought about that, Mayfield was quoted as saying. I guarantee you that it has no connection to Donald Trump.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/national-hurricane-center-tropical-storm-don_us_596d8857e4b010d77673490e

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