DeMario Thinks The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Scandal Was A Conspiracy

Enough with the backstory, let’s dive right in to the second part of this exclusive E! interview with DeMario Jackson *grabs popcorn*.

Where we last left off in DeMario’s testimony, producers were asking DeMario to bow out of the show and pretend like he was leaving because he wasn’t “there for the right reasons”. This was only three days into filming, mind you. So then they send everyone home and DeMario gets back from Paradise to a barrage of attacks and speculation. (Guilty.)

His producer then gives him the really clear and explanatory warning that “Shit’s about it get real, real fast.” Like, thanks guy. I know exactly how to prepare for that type of crisis. OH wait. You gave no information and at that point DeMario didn’t even know he allegedly did anything wrong. Like, most of us have a hard time adjusting to real life once we come back from vacation, but that’s nothing compared to the rude awakening DeMario got once he returned from Paradise.

So DeMario does what I always say I’ll do if I am ever questioned by the police: lawyer the fuck up. (Where’s Rachel when you need her?!) DeMario says he got attached to the label of sexual assault, which like, he did. That would have been one thing if he was guilty, but, as we know now, he wasn’t found guilty of any wrongdoing by Warner Bros. So yeah, that sucks for him. Like a lot.

After this shit hits the fan, people emerge from all corners of the internet to call DeMario a rapist and all kinds of other horrible shit, including hurling racial slurs at him. Anddd I would like to kindly direct this paragraph to anyone who says “racism is over” because we in America live in a “post-racial society.” 

DeMario says he hasn’t spoken to Corinne since the whole ordeal went down, but the word “conspiracy” was thrown around. Like, he claims the producer who filed the complaint about their sex scene wasn’t even around when shit went down, she just heard about it later. He admits he might not have been set up, but he definitely feels played. Like, me too bro. Me too.

He also said he isn’t mad at Corinne. Bitch why tho?! If there’s anyone you should be mad at it’s probably the girl who got you kicked off the reality show you thought was your shot at redemption. K that’s probably not fair to Corinne because we don’t know her side of the story. All the more reason she needs her very own tell-all special. Hear me, E? 

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