Kris Jenner Has A Lot Of Feelings About Kim Kardashian Using A Surrogate

There’s still so much left to know about

Who better than the matriarch to understand her own daughter’s needs?? A source close to the Wests dished to People:

“After having [son Saint], Kim was told she couldn’t carry another baby that it would be too dangerous and she was okay with that. She was content with two.”

Kim had to deal with placenta accreta in both her pregnancies, and doctors were too worried about another — which became a problem when Kim decided she wanted a third:

“Kim had a very difficult time and it was hard on Kris too. She was very worried.”

The insider continued:

“Kris never wanted Kim to get pregnant again, but Kris will be very excited about another baby and thinks using a surrogate is a great idea.”

Well of course she does! As long as she knows her baby will be safe while having a baby!

The 61-year-old is probably counting down the days until her next grandchild is welcomed into the world!

[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

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