11 products for a more eco-friendly office

This renewable bamboo organizer is just one way to keep it green in the office.
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Thinking green is more than just a bumper sticker. These days, its a whole new way of life. You already recycle at home and compost whatever you can, but what happens when you go to work?

Just because you have to work 9-5 doesnt mean all those eco-friendly vibes should get tossed out the window.

These 11 products can help take environmentally friendly habits to the next level without requiring employees to totally abandon their usual routine.

Stacks on stacks

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Stop feeling guilty about all those memos. This tree-free paper is manufactured from 100 percent bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane that is renewable and fast growing. Oh yeah, its also completely biodegradable and compostable. Get a five-ream case here for $49.87.

Sun power

Image: Everly home & gift

Office with a view? Turn any window into a power outlet with this attachable disk that uses sunlight to charge your iPhone or tablet. Get it here for $49.99.

The eco-friendly push you need

Image: ecobutton

Even if its just a few minutes, putting your computer to sleep when you step away can save energy. The Ecobutton plugs into your computer via USB. Press it once to have the computer enter a low energy state, and then again to return it to full functionality. The software provided with the button tracks activity and calculates the amount of energy saved. Grab it here for $25.38.

Show off that green thumb

Image: click and grow

This innovative indoor tabletop garden supports several herbs, including basil, thyme, and mini tomatoes, which are packaged in cartridges that slot into various units. Simply add water to start the growing process and enjoy fresh herbs with your lunch every day. Grab it here for $64.95.

Sippin green

Image: Collingwood ecoware

If your office has a kitchen, reusable straws are an easy way to reduce plastic waste. While a bit more of an investment than buying plastic ones in bulk, youll end up purchasing them less frequently. Grab a pack of four here for $7.99.

Charge up

Image: ecoalkalines

Each purchase of these certified carbon neutral batteries supports corporate green initiatives such as reforestation, alternative energy initiatives, and biofuel production. Get a 24-pack here for $17.99.

More energy, less waste

Image: Primula

Reduce paper waste and still get your caffeine fix by trading those flimsy paper coffee filters for the Primula single serve coffee brewer. The brew buddy sits right on the rim of your mug and features a reusable mesh filter, giving you a great cup with each pour. Grab it here for $6.81.

Refill friendly


If you insist on your caffeine fix being store bought, this BPA-free reusable mug, which is dishwasher and microwave safe, can be used over and over. Check if your local spot has a similar policy to Starbucks, which gives customers a discount for bringing their own tumbler. Get the coffee chain lookalike here for $10.95, or an all blue version here for $8.62.

Time is fluid

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Keep track of meeting times with this water-powered alarm clock. Perfect for your desk, the clock only needs to be refilled with tap water about once a year. Get decorative and grab it here for $22.71.

Get organized

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This multi-device charging station is made of rapidly renewable bamboo that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also eco-friendly. Keep things organized at your desk and get it here for $39.99.

Snack bag

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With eco-friendly aluminum insulation and a leak-proof design, this lightweight reusable bag is ideal for bringing meals on the go sans plastic. Go for the lunchbox look by fastening the buttons on the sides, or leave them be and carry it as a tote. Get it here starting at $10.99.

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