Wife Swap Mom Blames Strict, ‘Very Religious’ Parenting For Double Murder

Did THIS push Jacob Stockdale over the edge?


On Monday, Laurie Tonkovic — the mom who swapped with Kathryn — spoke to TMZ about the unfortunate tragedy, and gave her two cents about Jacob’s motivation.

The former ABC star recalled one particular incident where after “switching the rules” in order to “let them have fun” and “experience life,” Jacob ran outside of the house crying. When Laurie asked what was wrong, his parents told him he would “burn in hell” just from watching TV and playing video games.

Ultimately, Tonkovic thinks his sheltered, “religious” upbringing may have contributed to the fatal incident. She said:

“He lived in a very controlled environment where his mom and dad told him what to do. Really wasn’t allowed to do anything He got up, he worked, he worked… Wouldn’t let him go out amongst society They’re very religious and very, very talented family, but God gives you free will. Free will they didn’t have. They weren’t allowed to make choices. I just think it caught up to him.”

Regardless of his reasoning, the entire situation is so, so devastating…

[Image via ABC.]

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