‘I Don’t Believe She Was A Victim Or Traumatized’ Bachelor In Paradise Star Jasmine Goode Says She Isn’t Buying Corinne’s Story!

The lines are being drawn in this ongoing

One woman who isn’t buying Corinne’s claim? Fellow contestant Jasmine Goode.

The Bachelor alum tells

We hadn’t heard anyone say they were acting chummy together the next day! Jasmine continues:

“She never, ever said one thing negative about DeMario. And she was never in danger, at least I never witnessed anything bad happening to her.”

But was she an eyewitness at the incident itself?? Actually, she was. At least for a moment. She says:

“As a woman, I would have been the first person to step in if I thought she was being taken advantage of in the pool with DeMario. She even said hi to me when I walked by them.”

So Jasmine was the one who walked by them? We’ve actually heard about a castmate walking by and getting a hi from Corinne in two separate accounts. Hmm…

Finally, Jasmine defends not only DeMario but the entire franchise, saying:

“I feel bad for DeMario. He’s a good guy. He’s sweet and not aggressive one bit. I am sad and disappointed this has happened. We are all shocked. The producers and crew members are like family. I feel bad for them as well, this was their job. They would not do anything to hurt us. Remember I have been on both shows, and I have always felt safe in the environment. I went there to find love, I honestly did, and I have seen great things happen on the show.”

Obviously we can’t be certain until the video comes out, but until then we’re taking a serious look at every angle of this thing.

Because if there really was a crime committed, this really could be an indictment of the entire show!

[Image via ABC.]

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