11 Things Every Wino Needs To Get Her Drink On Right This Summer

Once summer rolls around, every wino needs to be prepared to take it on in fabulous, boozy fashion.

From ringing in the sizzling season with festive beach and pool parties, to barbecues and picnics for Memorial Day Weekend, there are some necessities any wine lover simply cannot live without.

She needs to be equipped for every backyard rager, girls night out, and beach trip to get her drink on in style.

Once the weather warms up, she lives by that ros all day mentality. Its the only way she knows how to roll, and she wouldnt have it any other way.

Here are 11 essentials all winos should be equipped with to slay it this summer.

1. Namastay home and drink wine tank top


Preach, though.

This chic tank top pretty much speaks for itself. It should be a key player in every winos wardrobe this summer, complete with a sun hat and glam shades.

Youll be looking breezy, cool, and trendy AF while sipping your wine.

2. Merlot infused coffee

Uncommon Goods

Because, priorities.

If youre one to embody those but first, coffee vibes on the reg, this merlot infused coffee is an awesome spin on your much-needed (and appreciated) dose of caffeine.

3. Four-pack ofcanned wine

Wine in a can? Yes, please.

Each and every wino should put Lila Wines on her radar (and in her beach bag) this summer especially if youre all about sipping on the sand, or toasting with your gal pals at the end of a rejuvenating hike.

Crack open a can, kick back, and chillax.

4. Lit up wine sign


This LED wine sign is the perfect addition to your patio this summer. Put it above the outdoor buffet hutch (which is designated specifically for sangria and chilled wine, of course).

5. Wine bottle pool floaty


Float your way into summer on this wine pool floaty, all while sipping your wine and working on that base tan glow. Plus, its sure to make for a prime Instagram pic, too.

6. Wine to-go cup


If youre constantly spilling your wine, this to-go cup is the perfect companion for any outdoor barbecue or picnic. Its quick and easy to bringon the go, and the lid will protect your gorgeous summer sundresses from suffering any bright red stains.

7. Outdoor wine table


Whats better (and more convenient) than this outdoor wine table and bottle holder? Every gal seriously needs one (if not more) of these tables posted up in her backyard for every bash she throws this season.

8. Inflatable unicorn drink holders


You most certainly cannot leave your drink hanging. It deserves to float into the summer weeks in style, too.

What better way to do that than with inflatable unicorn drink holders? This is the awesome cherry topping for a pool party with friends.

9. Wine glass string lights

Party Swizzle

Have you ever seen a more appropriate set of string lights for the wino? Decorate your balcony, deck, or patio with them and lets get these summer parties started.

10. Bottle bubble ice bags

The Grommet

These little guys will make it so simple to cool your vino on the go, sans the big, bulky ice buckets.

This necessary wine bag will ensure your wine is at a prime, cooled down temperature when youre craving it most on a hot summer afternoon.

11. Wine ice cream


Lets be completely real here: Whats summer without ice cream? Wine ice cream, at that.

Brave any heat wave with Mercers chocolate cabernet, and kick off any boozy brunch with peach white zinfandel.

Youll be totally prepared to have the summer of every winos dream with these essentialsat your fingertips.

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