This acid attack survivor’s stunning wedding will cheer you right up

Acid attack victim Lalita Ben Bansi and husband Ravi Shankar pose for a quick selfie after their wedding at Thane Registration office, on May 23, 2017.
Image: Praful gangurde/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Five years and 17 surgeries after she was attacked with acid by a family member, Lalita Ben Bansi found love after dialing a wrong number.

Bansi told the BBC that finding love “felt like a miracle.”

Lalita Ben Bansi and Ravi Shankar exchange flower garlands as part of a traditional Hindu ceremony.

Image: praful gangurde/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

In 2012, Bansi quarreled with a cousin who ended up attacking her with acid.

She met her husband, Ravi Shankar, purely by chance, after accidentally dialing his number several months ago.

Shankar feeds his new bride sweets to celebrate their union.

Image: praful gangurde/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

“We spoke and I fell in love with her voice,” Shankar told the BBC. “Our conversations continued on a daily basis and in the process, I proposed to her.”

Among their wedding guests was Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, a social activist who agreed to pay for Bansi’s future surgeries.

“Many couples fall in love with their partners’ face and eventually get divorced,” Shankar added in the same interview. “With her, I am not concerned about her face. She is a sweet person. I wish God blessed us for a lifetime.”

Image: praful gangurde/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The couple will settle down either in Mumbai or in Ranchi, where Shankar owns a petrol pump (he also works as a CCTV operator).

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