Did Donald Trump REALLY Just Shove The Prime Minister Of Montenegro In Order To Be In Front For A Photo? See The Evidence!

Who let this man travel overseas??

As you surely know,

However, this time, our POTUS was seen acting like a small child at the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, seemingly pushing Prime Minister of Montenegro Dusko Markovic out of the way so he could be in front for a photo. Smh.

Don’t believe us?? Be sure to ch-ch-check out the moment for yourself (below):

Was that too fast for you? Take a look at the footage again, only this time watch it in slow motion (below).

Donald literally has ZERO manners. Tsk, tsk!

To make matters worse, Montenegro just became a part of NATO and will officially join the organization on June 5. We mean, Trump looks like a high school bully in this footage!

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Of course, this moment has already gone viral as numerous people have weighed in on the encounter on Twitter (below).

Apparently the U.S. President has a reserved spot in front for all NATO photos. The Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker explained:

Still, the shove was unnecessary… your spot’s reserved, bro! It isn’t going anywhere. *Sigh*

[Image via Steve Kopack/Twitter.]

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