This Underwear Company Donates Money To LGBTQ+ Youth When You Buy These Pride Undies

The best way to celebratewho you are is to do so without stress, without worry and without your clothes.

Thats why, with Pride Month slowly approaching, the ultimate feel good underwear brand MeUndies is eager to lend a hand to the LGBTQ+ community with its brand-new Celebrate Yourself campaign.

The campaign was born out of our teams desire to be a part of LA Pride,MeUndiesCreative Director Andrew Teague tells Elite Daily.


Over the last couple of years weve been out there, a little underprepared and scrappy but we had some fun, handed out undies, and did what we could to spread a little joy on the day. It was great but we knew we could do more. So immediately after last years event we started planning for this one, and making it a priority suddenly its become our largest campaign ever.

Looking to emphasize diversity and acceptance around the world, MeUndies has developed a brand-new Celebrate print (a white and rainbow-colored polka dot design) that goes way beyond a simple pair of underwear.

Andrew Yee

With every pair thats sold, MeUndies will donate $1to the Los AngelesLGBT Center, the worlds largest organization for LGBT health and advocacy, to helpsupport and grow its Youth Center.

Teague adds,

We met with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and learned more about what they do, the vital services they provide as well as a lot of the issues that they are facing. When they told us that between 60 and 70% of their funding comes from federal grants, and that most of that money is now under threat from our current political leadership, it galvanized us even further to make these undies and this campaign mean something.

Andrew Yee

To help confirm just how comfortable (and downright sexy) these new pairslook on the humanform, some notable faces inLGBTQ+ community came together in nothing but their underwear to celebrate love, happiness, and the beauty of diversity.

Take a look at their stacked roster of celebrities below:

Ally Hills, vlogger/YouTuber

Andrew Yee

Big Freedia, musician/TV personality

Andrew Yee

Stevie Boebi, vlogger/YouTuber

Andrew Yee

Hayley Kiyoko, musician/actress

Andrew Yee

B. Scott, blogger/YouTube host

Andrew Yee

Gus Kenworthy, professional skier

Andrew Yee

The brand new Pride-themed printis available for both men and women and will be sold atMeUndiesthroughout the entire month of June.

So whatre you waiting for? Start celebrating with pride!

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/life/culture/meundies-donating-lgbtq-pride-campaign/1957326/

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