Chrissy Teigen Went To “Magic Mike Live” Instead Of The BBMAs And We Love Her

Chrissy Teigen was noticeably absent from the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, and we all wanted an explanation.

She kind of tweeted one on Sunday night, saying,

My sister and niece live in Vegas. Im hanging out with them and not trying to force my back into a dress. but watching #bbmas!

However, it turns out, thats not the whole story.

It wasnt just a low-key night in for Chrissy and her sister and niece. Nope, the girls really hit the town.

Lucky for us, ChrissySnapchatted her night, and apparently thegroup went to see Magic Mike Live which I think is a more than acceptable excuse for skipping out on the BBMAs.

She may have started the night in a towel


but then she got dressed and things got really fun.


Chrissy asked, Hello, ladies. What are we doing tonight? And the group responded, Magic Mike baby!

And then


theystumbled upon a blow-up doll outside thehotel room.


Chrissy squealed, Its got a pee pee!

While he wasnt nominated, John Legend performed at the Billboard Music Awards, and looked handsome as ever.

Although the whole internet loves to see Chrissy and John walk a red carpet together, we also totally love that Chrissy does whatever she damn well pleases.

Getty Images

I mean, if youre going to go to Vegas, why wouldnt you see Magic Mike Live?

The show, which was conceived and co-directed byChanning Tatum,who starred in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, opened last month.

And Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum think everyone needs to see it.

Well, specifically, Jenna said their 4-year-old daughter Everlyneeds to see the movie at least.

In an interview with HuffPost last week, she said,

We got to show [Magic Mike] to her before one of her friends at school is like, I saw this movie your dads in Shes been at rehearsals so theres a part of her that probably gets it.

Thats a legit reason, Jenna.

And Chrissy, wereglad you saw the live show because if youre going to skip out on a red carpet, we think Magic Mike Live is definitely a legit reason.

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