Aaron Rodgers Retweet Gets Teens Out Of Taking Final Exam

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored a lot of points with some high school students inJanesville, Iowa, with just one retweet.

Students in a sports literature class in the Janesville Consolidated School District made a deal with teacher Laura Roberts, a big Rodgers fan.

She agreed to cancel the final exam if someone in the class could get a retweet from Rodgers,according to ESPN.com.

That job fell to student Payton Mayer, who laid his heart on the line in less than 140 characters Friday morning.

On Thursday, Rodgers agreed to go along with the game plan, as the tweet below demonstrates.

The teacher kept her word and canceled the test. However, the students definitely learned a good lesson in how to network.


Joe Robbins via Getty Images

Rodgers isnt the only sports stars who is helping kids shirk their studies.

On Thursday, William Pate, a senior at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, convinced his U.S. government teacher, Joseph Belser, to cancel the final exam if he could get Kobe Bryant to retweet him, according to WRTV in Indianapolis.

The retired NBA great was Belsers favorite player, so the teacher agreed, figuring hed never have to pay up.

Turns out Bryant, like Rodgers, either has a soft spot for high school seniors or a hatred of taking tests.

Pate and his classmates wont have to take the final, but school officials said the teacher has to figure out another way to give a final assessment, according to the station.

Heres our assessment: This is the start of a trend that may be more annoying than asking celebrities to the prom.

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