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“YOUR AMERICA”- Why You Pissed

I know it is not just me, but there is a sense of things being not fair and almost outright dubious. There is the Rich saying just give us tax cuts and we will hire more. As if the market has nothing to do with it. Supply and Demand has nothing to do with it? There are those so called small town Americans, which were told eliminating regulations, throw up tariffs, roll back bad trade deals and suddenly the automation that has replaced the manufacturing jobs and coal mining jobs will cease to exist. There are those who feel that they are privileged enough to not recognize the sovereign borders of the United states and can freely enter the United States undocumented and ahead of those who seek to obey the laws of the land and legally gain immigration status. “If you hire they will come”. So, of course if I just make it there I will get a job. Because there is plenty who don’t mind paying you under the table, and avoid having to pay market rate for labor. They also would not have to provide benefits. “Exploitation” is the word shouting back at me. Surely, these exploiters are saying “if we had a functioning government that would provide work visas, so these individuals could be legal migrants that would enter the United States legally, and then do the hard work that we so desperately need of them. And then return to their home country.” Surely that would be a win-win. 


There is a certain group of people who feel glad to be relegated as an afterthought. They  have so much potential based on what they have been through, and contributed to the United States, yet still treated as Second Class Citizens. They seem to have no problem with living in the shadows. Like being entertained by trash on television, most music is trash, trash in the schools, trash in the raising of the youth. And so quick to scream out “Oh God”. Newsflash. God told me he put it within each and everyone of you already. So handle it and stop calling. More on this later. And another group that has been so cruel that one can only wonder. They came to America fleeing religious persecution, and seeking new opportunity. There was Native Americans already here. Short while later, the “take over” has commenced. Move the Native Americans out the way. Then the master of exploitation used African slaves for agricultural labor, Asians to build the railroads. And when all is said and done, “I know I’m afforded ‘white privilege’ but it wasn’t me that did all that. That was many, many generations ago.” Sound off

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